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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Farters of the world unite or ignite

So I ran upon this guy's blog and I started reading it. This particular entry caught my attention. It was probably the cool name "Pool Pee". It was a pretty good read but I don't agree with him completely (what's new, I never agree with anybody). LOL.
I don't know about everybody else but for the most part if I fart in the presence of another person, it's not some form of male bonding. It's not some weird form of straight/gay guy flirting. It's just a matter of I need to fart. Simple. I know that some people see farting as a nasty disgusting thing that should be done in private. That's fine when you have the option of going to a seculed spot but when that option isn't available, I let 'er rip where ever I'm at. And I expect other people to do the same. On the list of horrible, nasty, disgusting, hurtful, painful, obnoxious, and/or irritating things: passing gas is not that bad. There's alot of things that I see, hear, smell, and taste daily; that to me is alot higher on that list. Some of them being: irritating ring tones, loud talkers, people who bath in perfume, people with shit breath, people who pick their noses in public, people who cough and sneeze without covering their mouths, people who don't bathe, people who belch in your face, people who don't use deodorant, people who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom, etc. See in the run of things, a fart is not half as bad as alot of things. I can handle a bad smell alot better than someone scratching their butt and balls, sneezing, picking their nose, etc while they are preparing my food. I can handle the smell of a fart better than the ideal of shaking someone's hand that didn't wash them the last time they used the bathroom. But that's just me. I'm weird that way.
I know that some people are hyper about eating anything that will give them gas. I remember some friends of my sister who wouldn't eat at our house because of what we normally eat. I'm sure there are guys that are like that too. I know that my Dad and my Mom won't eat certain foods because of different problems that occur (ulcers, and stuff like that). I have somethings I can't eat at times. But if it doesn't actually hurt me in some way, I'm gonna eat the foods I like. If I fart alot, so be it. That's life. I've had times when I could hardly eat anything. There's been times when nothing tasted good because of treatments and stuff. There's been times when I couldn't eat certain things because of my treatments (stuff with high acid especially). So when I can eat, I eat. Having the farts has no part of what I will eat, ever.
To me, it's just a normal body function. NORMAL. I do think there are people who don't want anybody to know they fart or shit, or anyother bodily function. LOL. But it's just part of normal life. I'm not bashful about things like that. I may not talk alot but if I got gas, you will probably know I'm around especially if I can't go somewhere else. If I got to take a crap, I take a crap (I had rather do it in private but when it has to happen, it happens). But I don't care who knows I took a crap. If I got to pee, I pee. I don't care who knows it. It's all part of life. I've peed on the shoulder of the interstate before in a traffic jam. I had to gooooooooooooo. LOL.
But I think there are too many people who are hyper sensitivite to bodily functions. Too many people in too much discomfort. Maybe it's time to just let it all out and breath a little easier. Maybe if people would fart when they need to, pee when they need to, and crap when they need to; there wouldn't be so many people with a stick up their ass.

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