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Monday, November 19, 2007

Day to Day Injustice

I DON'T understand this. In a time of more substantial leaders, this would not be thought of as an adult crime because a kid at that age of development doesn't have the mental capacity of an adult. Just because a kid copies adult action doesn't mean he's an adult. In just about every part of our society, children are treated as children. Except in punishment. Then suddenly because of something the kid does, he is labeled adult. Stupidity. But typical.

But at the same time that those boys are being looked at like adults, this man will get a sentence that is nothing resembling murder and will not carry the stigma of "sex offender" or even "murderer" (in his case) with him the rest of his life. And he actually took a life. He'll just be the poor drunk guy with an illness who had a accident. Go figure.

I don't know why things like this happen but I don't think it's as simple as the police or anybody else want to make it. Why is it so important to confront aggitated people when there is no rational need? I think the real question here is if there was so much danger to those officers but no one in direct danger from him, why didn't they fall back to access the problem instead of firing a barriage of bullets? More than likely, the police were looking for a confrontation and got what they wanted, even if it wasn't actually the dangerous situation they were looking for. They made it a dangerous situation by their actions, as they probably do on alot of occasions.

Then I read about this. What could be going on in this guys head? There are some twisted people in this world. What is wrong with these people who do this to babies?

Then I watch Bill O'Reilly and I hear this. I actually agree with some of what was said but everything is so "Black and White" with him. Everything with him is either all GOOD or all BAD. And only his way is right, no exceptions. He has a way of twisting things, spinning them to favor his view. He want's religion in every part of life but only his religion. If it's somebody else's religion that he doesn't like, then it's bad. Same old song and dance. Typical media whore preaching to the converted.

Finally this little tid bit. It isn't earth shattering but it matters to me. This is the university that I want to attend. I would never expect something like this to happen at Ole Miss. Can anybody say, "Coach Ed, Your Fired"!

This is just a small sample of the crazy stuff this last week, most of it in the last couple of days. The world is going crazy stupid!

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