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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Drew Bitch Project

This is completely messed up.
I read about the girl who hanged her self because someone she liked online said she wasn't a good friend.
Sure it's a twisted and pretty sick thing that this Drew woman did. She played a teenage boy online, so she could see what this 13 year old girl was saying about her daughter. She and a few other people, cyber stalked this girl. Played mind games with her and really messed her up. All of this was going on with the girl's parents monitering it. This was a horrible mess started by adults who didn't want to act like adults. And it was made worse by parents not wanting to act like parents. It was tragic because the girl was emotionally "troubled" to start with but I think that is something all parents teenagers have to deal with. It's not an uncommon thing in teenagers I don't think (just ask my parents). It's just a fact of life that teens have emotional issues and to throw that out like it's the reason for something is too easy. It was so much more than that.
First the families were neighbors and some what friends. The 13 year old girls were friends at one time. I think when the Meier girl went to another school, their friendship ended. Then ex-friends being what they are, there were things said about each other. Before long, they were not only NOT friends but were enemies. Just typical teenagers, friends one minute, enemies the next. LIFE.........
But then the stupid Drew woman got involved in something she didn't need to be involved in. She created a profile of a teenage boy who just moved into the area and targeted the Meier girl. Then she (as the boy) started chatting with the Meier girl. She wanted to find out what the Meier girl was saying about her daughter. And she wasn't the only person playing this role. I think there were 4 different people including the Drew girl playing this boy. What could have been going on in the heads of those adults to think this was something they should be doing? Beyond stupid!
The second point is that the Meier girl's parents supposedly were monitering the girl's internet usage. Only a little detective work would have shown this as a scam. Supposedly they were worried about her because of her threat to commit suicide. With this situation the way it was, there should have been atleast a token effort to see who this boy was since he wasn't known to them. But sometimes parents are just too busy to do the simple things. But it's easy to blame the end result on the craziness of the world, and ignore the lack of parental supervision and common sense. There was alot of bad parenting going on and way too many bad decisions.
But atleast the community has stepped in. Instead of ignoring it, the community has showned that this is not something that will be ignored. Sure there's gonna be some people that will go overboard because it's an easy thing to blame bad behaviour on an injustice (there are some people that come out of the woodwork in these situations, just to cause trouble). But for the most part, the community has spoken and they don't like what went on.
So is it a good thing that the community is involved when the law can't do anything?
I think so. I think the law in the form that we have, is a tool and nothing more. It's just punishment thru the government. But punishment thru governmental agencies is so impersonal and sketchy. Most of the time, the people in the community has no part in any of it. Everything is portioned out to someone else, so there is a barrier between the problem and the people in the community. So I think this adds to the lack of community policing. People, instead of noticing bad behaviour from neighbors, just ignore it or don't see it at all. Then we get communities where no one knows anybody else and few people stand up to misbehaving neighbors. Communities where everybody has privacy fences (to keep the community from seeing into their world and to keep from having to see what is going on next door), 2 car garages (never have to be involved in the community if all they see of it is from the windows of the car) , 2 working parent households, tv, large homes with too many private spaces, too many "toys" for kids and adults, daycare, single parent households, etc.: all of this adds to the lack of community. You have to actually be involved in the community to be part of the community. And lack of community adds to lack of family because extended family in alot of places is the community. With lack of family comes more crime because no one is saying."That is not allowed here". So yes I think the community standing up and saying to this woman, "we think you are a criminal, even if the law doesn't", "We as a community can show our displeasure with your actions" is a good thing. The law is what it is, but it is nothing compared to a community willing to enforce their own standards/values. It's easy to be an outsider in a community of outsiders. It's not that easy to be an outsider in a close knit community where everybody knows everybody else.

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Brian said...

that parent (fake teen) is sick and twisted.

i'm all for naming and shaming of scumbags like that. the problem is that i read that the local newspaper refused to print the woman's name, supposedly out of concern for her own kid. messed up.,0,244993.story?coll=la-opinion-rightrail