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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I don't know much about Clemens, McNamee, Pettite, HGH, or Steroids. I don't know about what went on with all of this. I don't know if you can prove a negative, prove a positive, disprove a negative, or disprove a positive. I do know that this is about more than just Rog and Bri. I don't think any thing will ever be proven or disproven. I don't think it is about the truth or ever was. It's about numbers. Congress has their numbers. Clemens has his numbers. McNamee has his numbers. Baseball has their numbers. The media has their numbers. The we have our numbers. But in the run of things OUR numbers don't have the impact it should have. Mainly cause we just don't want to see the impact of all of these other numbers on us.

But for me the numbers that matter are the people that are influenced by Clemens, Pettite, Palmiero, Tejada, Giambi, etc. to take steroids or HGH to make them better, faster, stronger, quicker, heal faster at the expense of their health and/or their lives. Those are the only numbers that in my view, matter. The number of kids that will see the millions of dollars, the acclaim, and the fame that can go with the use of these substances.

For the hearing today, I'm completely convienced that EVERYBODY there is FULL OF SHIT. I think Clemens has major problems with his story. Denial, denial, denial isn't proof. And at this point, he is going to have to prove he didn't do this. His stance that McNamee is lying about him but is truthful about everything else, isn't working. Clemens stance that EVERYBODY misheard/misunderstood/misremembered him, isn't working. His stance that he knew McNamee was not trustworthy because of things he did while working for Clemens, but he was trustworthy enough to inject lidocane into his spine and give B 12 shots is extremely eyeopening. His stance that he didn't know that McNamee was involved in steroids/HGH at any point while McNamee worked for Clemens, but Clemens wife knew because she got McNamee to inject HGH into her. Clemens denial that he has ever talked about HGH/steroids with McNamee, but Clemens wife knew enough to get McNamee to inject her, isn't working for him. Clemens talking with his kids old nanny and then his investigators calling her all after Congress asked him not to interfer in the investigation is kinda eyeopening. His constant over explaination and use of his family stories, was creepy at best (why would he want to drag his mother, sisters, brothers, wife, and kids into this). The B 12 shot explaination is tired at best. It's not working for him at all. And the worst thing for him is Pettite offering up information about Pettite's own HGH use (information about using HGH that nobody else knew about) was truely damning for Clemens. For the most part, the only thing that is working for Clemens is that McNamee is such a sleeze and a liar. But that's not enough. Clemens looked worse than McGuire could have ever looked. His rambling, stumbling, pathetic explainations were sad at best, criminal at worst.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


You ever wonder why our government is so wasteful, it's because the people we elect are inept in all areas except getting elected. And now we get candidates that can't even do that right. It's gotten to the point that we vote for the candidate that can read, write, count, and TELL TIME the best (it's not something that can be taken for granted anymore). Poor Hillary. She's done and gone and showed that she don't know what is going on. I know that there will be alot of excuses but it's got to make you wonder: Who Is In Control Of Her Campaign and Is There Anyone There Who Knows What Is Going On? If this is the best she can do, hopefully she won't get elected. Hopefully............

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I had some prescriptions to be filled at this pharmacy. We don't use a big chain pharmacy(something about helping small businesses). But anyway. Some were refills and there were 2 that were called in for me. Brother Frank offered to pick them up after we got in from the hospital ( he goes with me to the hospital/clinic sometimes when no one else can). I said ok. It wasn't a big thing but pharmacies keep messing up or loosing stuff if you leave them there after they have been filled. I didn't really feel like going and it could have waited till Saturday when Mom was here or my Dad could have picked them up. But Brother Frank kinda insisted. So I called the pharmacy to get everything together so he wouldn't have to wait and to see how much it would be. So I wrote the check and he went to get them. When he got back, he had only one prescription. He said that was what they gave him.
I called them and they said that it was a mistake because the meds were in different bags and they didn't notice all of them. There was 2 other bags of meds. I told them if it was just a mistake, why did they charge me for all of them. There were like 5 different meds and the check was for the whole charge. But they only gave him 1 of the prescriptions. It just didn't make sense to me. And when my Dad got in, he was very pissed because Brother Frank was helping us (they had wasted his time and effort). It's real sorry service on their part. It's not the first time they have done stuff like this and it's a very good thing that they were closed when Dad got in. I'm glad Brother Frank wasn't here to hear Dad cussing the pharmacy and the people working there. LOL. Dem good ole boys sure can cuss. And it's a real real good thing my Mom wasn't here. Dem good ole girls will do damage. LOL. I think we're gonna change pharmacies now.

My Dad is funny when he's pissed. He is almost as quite as I am. But when he's pissed, he comes up with some of the funniest sayings (pearls of wisdom). My all time favorite is "your so full of shit, your eyes are brown" (he's told me that a few times). Some other favorites are:

  • "somebody could get their ass whooped"

  • "one of us would have walked out of there totin' an asskicking"

  • "you'll shit and fall back in it"

  • "that was dumber'n dogshit"

  • "somebody should slap the dumb out his head"

  • "doing what's right, never comes back to bite you in the ass unless your ass in is the wrong place"

  • "touch her again and you'll be scratching your butt with your big toe"

  • "he's shit in his cornbread"

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