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Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Evangelical

I heard about the New Evangelical Churches that are starting up around the country. For the most part, they sound good. But the one that was on the news was in like South Carolina or North Carolina. In Mississippi it's tougher to start things like that, especially in the Northern Part. There's still churches that use snakes around here. It's major Baptist around this part of the world. But that church sounded good. They place more on the positive aspects of being Christian and leave the name calling to the more restrictive Churches. I kinda liked what I saw and I wouldn't be against going to one of those churches. But I really have to wonder how long it will be before it changes? Once it has a building full of people, will the church still be this way or will it change? For the most part, the people who attend this is young. The preacher was young. When they get to be middle aged, will they still be like that or will they start with the "Fire and Damnation" stuff? Will they start picking groups to terrorize and demonize? Will they still be preaching love of fellow man or will it be more like the repressive judgemental religions we have now? I'm sceptical.


Brian said...

You're a disgrace. Americans spell it 'skeptical.' It's Brits and Canadians that spell it 'sceptical.' You must hate America!!!


A Social Skidmark said...

Yep that's me. LOL.